We are love, we are history, we are earth

100% Organic Colombian Coffee

From the Andes region, in the beautiful Colombian Mountains, to the Sierra Nevada, in the majestic Colombian Caribbean, the origin of our coffee crops are planted.  They are cared for, and harvested, by the hands of those that keep an intangible heritage and maintain our ancestral legacy. This commitment, and dedication, is represented in each cup of 100% Colombian coffee.  Our objective is simple, we want you to enjoy the flavor of our land in every sip.

We take pride in our product and ensure that we are maintaining traditional Colombian processes in every bag.  We not only seek to provide each Coffee farmer involved with a better quality of life, but we also help those with disabilities. We look to give back to those that have been greatly affected by our countries armed conflict. That is why we can say that it’s not just a cup of coffee, it’s a cup of passion, and it’s a cup of love.

At Tintico Time we want to make you fall in love, because the best moments you can remember come along with a cup of our coffee. We are Earth, we are History, we are Flavor, we are Tradition, are Essence, and we are Love.  We are Tintico Time.


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