Where does our coffee grow?

Tintico Time coffee is born in the local farms of the Colombian mountains.  Averaging 2 miles above sea level, these mountains combine warm days and cool nights to provide the soil with the correct moisture to grow and develop the perfect coffee bean.

These beans are a great example of typical Colombian coffee: sweet and smooth with a hint of nuts, chocolate and honey.  The genetics of these plants, the temperature and altitude of the regions, along with the volcanic soil, provide these farmers with the perfect blend of conditions to produce some of the best tasting coffee on earth.


Tintico Time coffee is processed naturally.  This traditional process is timeless and helps produce the aroma and flavor that we enjoy in every cup.

Our farmers select approximately 83 ripe cherries for one cup of our coffee.  By hand, they carefully sun dry each cherry with the bean still inside.  This process can take days for the bean to reach the perfect temperature and dryness.  

Throughout the course of 4-5 weeks, the coffee will ferment as the farmer rakes the cherries and rotates them to prevent spoiling.  During this period, the beans start to develop a sugary and sweet flavor.

Once the coffee cherry is dry, they are put into a machine that will separate the pulp and the skin from the bean.  After the separation process, the beans go through another washing where any additional pulp is removed.  The beans are then placed in beds to be dried in natural sunlight. 

From there, after the beans are hand selected, they begin the roasting process.  This starts when a high amount of heat is applied the bring the coffee beans to roasting temperatures.  This is done quickly enough so that the internal moisture is preserved without scorching the bean.  The color of bean starts to change from green to yellow. 

The next phase of heat is applied at lower temperatures where the pressure and temperatures are carefully controlled.  This is where the color turns brown, and the coffee aroma starts to come alive.  During the final few minutes of roasting, the coffee’s full flavor is developed. 

Each bean must reach a precise final temperature to be selected for our coffee.  The correct temperature variers depending on the harvest and the time of year.  The farmers intuition and experience play a big part in this process.  Here is where we finalize our roast.  The finalized beans are separated for either bagging or grinding.  Our specific grinding process guaranteed the perfect size for you.    Each bag of our coffee starts from the earth and is cared for throughout each step of the process.  This ensures that we deliver a fresh and quality product to our customers, every time.